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I’m passionate about customizing every coaching relationship to the unique dreams and desires of each client through a combination of one-on-one coaching, half-or-full-day intensives, and/or provocative leadership team work. But we always start from the same powerful place:

A complimentary 90-minute conversation

(Sometimes two) to discover what you really want and to get a read on the chemistry vibe between us. We both have to be a “Hell Yes” to working with each other.

A commitment to work with each other

For 6 or 12 months to allow time for true transformation. I’m not a “buy a package of sessions” or “see me every now and again when you need me” type of coach. I want both of us to be all-in on a partnership that will change your life and/or your business.

A set of powerful agreements

That create a safe container for honesty, vulnerability, courage, and real breakthroughs.

An exploration of enneagram personality type

In order to better understand your inner motivation and strategies for relating to yourself, others and the world.

An energy leadership index (eli) assessment

And Debrief to understand how you are showing up energetically in all aspects of your life. This is powerful work that reveals unconscious beliefs, attitudes, and blocks that may be contributing to your feelings of stuck-ness and lack of fulfillment.

Tailored recommendations

For reading, learning, journaling, meditation and more.


let’s rock ‘n roll

Share some of your info and let me know how I can help liberate your beautiful soul.

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