SOUL SISTERS: WTF Does it Really Mean to Live Soulbbatical?

SOUL SISTERS: WTF Does it Really Mean to Live Soulbbatical?

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Soul fam, this is such a freakin’ treat! I’m so excited to bring you along in this first ever SOUL SISTERS edition of Rebel Souls. In this episode, you get the inside look with me and Laurie Arron, my Soul Sister, Wing Woman, and the Gayle to my Oprah.

We get to witness her process of shedding her armor and awakening to her living-out-loud lifestyle after years of dimming her light. This is a deep dive into the principles and practices of living Soulbbatical in every part of life. Laurie is bravely sharing what it means to embrace the inner rebel and rewrite our own script of success.

What we’re talkin’ about:

  • How Soulbbatical brought us together
  • The principles of living Soulbbatical in every part of life
  • Why it’s so important to have an accountability buddy
  • Creating a sacred space in your life
  • A sneak peek into our next launch
  • Lighting the fire of The Torches of Truth (what they are and how to live them)

Liberate Your Soul & Join the Rebelution

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