Vonetta Wade Rebelling FOR Internal Success

Vonetta Wade Rebelling FOR Internal Success

Vonetta Wade is The Journey Coach and a soul sister extraordinaire. The moment she showed up and shared her story, I immediately felt like we were part of the same tribe. Vonetta is the owner and CEO of Achieving Your Purpose, where she coaches individuals and families, guiding them into their purpose. In a chapter of her life, Vonetta felt like she was failing as a mother due to the challenges of single parenthood, non-effective communication, and conflict with her teenage daughter. This struggle led her to seek answers on what a healthy parent-child relationship should be. She soon founded MUST, a community of parents supporting each other in dealing with the same struggles she experienced.

Vonetta joins me today to share her life as a single mother and the lessons she learned from the experience. She explains how she realized that she had generational trauma to heal and describes the work she put in to break its cycle. She illustrates how she decided to become a better parent, reached out to a community of parents, and later established MUST. She also shares how she became the “Journey Coach” and highlights what it means to have internal growth and success.

“No one knows what you’re dealing with internally, and that’s the biggest challenge. You can be successful on the outside, but it’s the inside that matters the most.” – Vonetta Wade

This week on Rebel Souls:

  • Doing uncomfortable work for the sake of the next generation
  • The power of affirmation and being reminded of our enoughness
  • Vonetta’s journey in becoming aware and breaking the cycle of generational trauma
  • Becoming a mother at 16, learning the tools of parenting, and how Vonetta realized she needed to undo generational trauma
  • How being around other people changes your perspective and how Vonetta started reaching out to a community of parents
  • Transforming pain into purpose
  • Sitting still to listen deeply to what our souls are telling us
  • What internal growth and success mean and how they informed Vonetta’s book, Proceed Through the Uncomfortable
  • Vonetta’s path to becoming the Journey Coach
  • Why fostering deep human connection includes sharing our most vulnerable stories
  • Redefining success and what Vonetta does to reconnect with her soul and spirit
  • Vonetta’s mentors and Personal Board of Directors
  • Looking at other people for inspiration rather than comparison
  • Our Ripples of Impact and why we all need to share our personal stories
  • The value of acknowledging social and racial injustices

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