Sally Lou Loveman Rebelling FOR Stories and Connection

Sally Lou Loveman Rebelling FOR Stories and Connection

Sally Lou Loveman is driven by her passion to connect audiences through heart-centered storytelling and events. She is a speaker, coach, and author of Speak: Love Your Story, Your Audience is Waiting. With over 35-years of experience in the television industry as the former audience producer for The Oprah Winfrey Show, Sally Lou has entertained and engaged over half a million people before starting her journey as an entrepreneur and speaker. In addition to writing, coaching, and speaking on heart-centered event stages, Sally Lou also hosts Unexpected Speaker workshops for heart-centered professionals as well as the weekly podcast series, LOVESPEAKS.

Sally Lou joins me today to share why she is rebelling for people to stand up for who they are by sharing their stories and building connections with others. She discusses the power of sharing our own stories with the world and what it means to be in your purpose. She shares tips on how to warm up your audience and how to better engage with them, whether you’re speaking on stages, speaking with your team and colleagues, or speaking with your family and community. She explains what it means to show up as if every day is a ‘show day’ and the lessons she has learned while working with Oprah. Sally Lou also shares her perspective on rejection, why she believes women should create their own platform and content when faced with repeated rejection, and what inspired her to begin her adventure in stand-up comedy.

“It’s like our superpower. It’s gold. We all sit on a pot of gold – which is our story – and when we speak our story, we help others.“ – Sally Lou Loveman

This week on Rebel Souls:

  • The soul-searching experience Sally Lou embarked on while recovering from COVID-19
  • Why Sally Lou is rebelling for people to stand up for who they are, do what they love, and own their talent
  • What it means to be ‘in your purpose’ and how it helps you overcome your fears
  • How to embrace distractions as a tool to overcome crippling fears
  • How saying ‘yes’ to new opportunities led Sally Lou to work on the stage of The Oprah Winfrey Show
  • How working on the set of The Oprah Winfrey Show deepened Sally Lou’s passion for storytelling
  • How stories help you connect, inspire, and engage with audiences
  • Why she encourages everyone to write their story, even if it’s only for themselves
  • What it was like to work with Oprah and the lessons Sally Lou has learned throughout her experience
  • What it means to show up every day as if it’s ‘show day’ and the key elements of showing up in this way
  • How to find your passion and life’s purpose
  • The ‘Unexpected Speaker’ moves and what it means to find and truly engage with your audience
  • Sally Lou’s perspective on rejection and why she believes people – particularly women – need to create their own content when they’re not receiving the ‘yesses’ they want
  • What inspired Sally Lou’s adventure in stand-up comedy

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