Rebelling FOR Your Genius

Rebelling FOR Liberating a Billion Souls

As a community of Rebel Souls, we’re here to work together in lighting up the world. While a part of our mission to do so requires us to know our zones of genius, questioning where our expertise and talents lie can be enough to send many of us (myself included) hiding under the sofa and curling up. After all, it’s easy to miss what we’re good at as we go through life, questioning what we’re here for. If you don’t know where your brilliance blooms just yet, don’t you fret; an acorn doesn’t have to think itself into becoming an oak tree: it simply becomes one.

In this episode, I share the story of how I realized my zone of genius and an exercise to help you find your brilliance. I discuss what a “brilliant session is” and differentiate the state of being from doing. I illustrate my principles for showing up daily as the MoFo that I am and describe how being myself impacted my people and community. I also reveal the shadow side of embracing your brilliance and give you your 30-day Rebel Soul mission, should you accept your zone of genius.

“Our genius is in embodying who we are, in letting that acorn become an oak tree.” – Shelley Paxton

This week on Rebel Souls:

  • Controlling our personal agency and how we show up to the world
  • Understanding what my genius is and how you can understand yours, too
  • Embodying my mission and the difference between being and doing
  • My mission to liberate a billion souls and how I’m working towards it
  • Modeling radical authenticity and my principles for showing up as the powerful MoFo that I am every day
  • How unapologetically showing up as myself impacted the people around me
  • Why we tend to take our zone of genius for granted
  • The shadow side of embodying your genius and the importance of following and trusting the soul
  • Becoming a living invitation to be in the zone of genius
  • Experimenting on being as a teaching tool
  • Remembering your power and brilliance

Liberate Your Soul & Join the Rebelution

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