Rebelling FOR Vulnerability

Rebelling FOR Liberating a Billion Souls

What are some of the things about you that you don’t want the world to know? Whenever we introduce ourselves, it’s almost always tailored to answer the “What do you do?” dinner party question. We state our job title, what we do for a living, or where we work. Stating our vulnerabilities to a complete stranger at our first meeting is the last thing we’d want to do. Yet, opening up to someone from a place of rawness, authenticity, and vulnerability can be a powerful way to connect with them and let them know that they are not alone in this world.

In this episode, I share five things I don’t want you to know about me: from my fears to some of the most unhappy places in my life. I explore the importance of vulnerability and authenticity and explain why I commit to it. I discuss how divorce impacted me and my mental health. I reveal my previous relationship with alcohol and share a realization I had during the pandemic. I also discuss my mission and fears about bringing Soulbbatical to the corporate world and highlight how discomfort can lead us to growth.

“Edges are our growth. Discomfort is our growth.” – Shelley Paxton

This week on Rebel Souls:

  • My commitment to opening up and rebelling for vulnerability
  • Practicing vulnerability and how we introduce ourselves in the coaching community
  • My experience with an unhappy marriage and divorce
  • The importance of advocating for mental health awareness
  • My numbing habit and what I realized during the pandemic
  • Honoring my mission and showing up to my sobriety
  • My fear of showing and sharing my soft, romantic side
  • What’s making me play safe and keeping me from expanding my business
  • The “upper limit” problem and how it holds us back from reaching higher goals
  • The value of setting up boundaries and criteria for the organizations I want to work with
  • Bringing Soulbbatical to the corporate world and my mission to revolutionize the way we work

Resources Mentioned:

Liberate Your Soul & Join the Rebelution

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