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Rebelling FOR Liberating a Billion Souls

I’ve recently felt like there’s no daylight in my calendar: my energy is drained, leaving me with nothing left for creativity. Yet, in addition to the myriad of things I want to do—write another book, publish more articles, go out there in the world as a thought leader, to name a few—tons of everyday distractions tempt my attention and focus away. I know this is a familiar story for many of you. In an increasingly distracting world, how can we focus on the things that matter? How do we even know if the things we want to do are worth pursuing?

Today, I share the Mason Jar story, explore its implications, and discuss how we can apply its lessons to our lives. I explain how most of us don’t have time management problems at all but have difficulties with being honest, focusing, and setting boundaries. I describe Mark Silverman’s “Only 10s” philosophy and highlight the importance of living with intention. I also share my “Lens for 10s,” the filters I use to identify my ‘big rocks,’ and underscore the power of taking responsibility for our lives.

“Remind yourself that this is your life and fill it with intention. When you get those ‘big rocks’ in, how much space between them do you want to fill?” – Shelley Paxton

This week on Rebel Souls:

  • Feeling trapped in the busyness of my own creation
  • How Mark Silverman’s “Only 10s” philosophy came back into my life
  • Stephen Covey’s “The Mason Jar” story and identifying the ‘big rocks’ in our lives
  • Carving out time and space for our big rocks and filling our lives with intent
  • What Mark Silverman learned about staying focused on things that matters to us
  • Mastering midlife and the difficulty of choosing yourself
  • How I use my “Lens for 10s” to identify my big rocks and the things that matter to my mission
  • The power of intentional living

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