Rebelling FOR Possibility

Rebelling FOR Liberating a Billion Souls

We are all currently living in unprecedented times. With the novel coronavirus sweeping the nation – and the world – it has many people scratching their heads, wondering ‘what’s next’ for their families, their careers, their livelihoods. Before the pandemic, many of us were living rather scripted lives – we knew the next thing we wanted to happen, and the next steps we should take to achieve our personal and professional goals. We had everything planned out. But those ‘shoulds’ have been thrown out the window. They’ve gone barreling down the interstate and landed in a ditch somewhere.

So, what can we learn from this experience? What would it look like to live life unscripted? How can we view this pandemic as an opportunity to discover new possibilities?

Today, I explain what it means to rebel FOR possibility and how this idea is grounded in how you define success. I share how improv comedy training empowered me to learn the language of possibility. I discuss what living life unscripted means and how a few key improv principles helped me create an unscripted life of meaningful success. I discuss the value of identifying the rules you’re currently following – even when they’re no longer serving you – and the importance of creating new rules to take their place. I also explain why we need to trust in ourselves, take action before we’re ready, and stay open to opportunities for collaboration, diversity, inspiration, and varied perspectives.

“The language of improv is the language of possibility.” – Shelley Paxton

This week on Rebel Souls:

  • How improv comedy training opened the door to new possibilities
  • What it means to live life unscripted
  • Incorporating the critical phrase, ‘Yes, and…” into your daily life and how it builds bridges to new possibilities for what comes next
  • The value of creating your own rules for success
  • What it means to ‘go before you’re ready’ and the importance of trusting in yourself
  • Inviting opportunities for collaboration
  • Why taking action is way more powerful than written and spoken words
  • The value of trust and surrender to create an unscripted life
  • Converting your fears into fuel to propel you forward
  • Leaning into momentum and the language of possibility

Liberate Your Soul & Join the Rebelution

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