Rebelling FOR Living Your Legacy

Rebelling FOR Liberating a Billion Souls

So many people are familiar with the phrase, “leaving a legacy,” and that always seems like a task we need to work up to. Instead of pushing this off for the future, why don’t you embrace living your legacy? By living your legacy now, you can create a filter to help you design your life in a way that helps you live your truth.

In this episode, I share some personal updates in my life, like traveling along Route 66 on my way to LA. I take some time to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of my book and express my gratitude for all the support I have received about it. I describe what it means to be a “Soul-Model.” I also provide some practices you can incorporate to help you live your legacy today.

“What choices are you making today in terms of who you’re spending time with and how you’re spending your time in a way that supports living that legacy?” – Shelley Paxton

This week on Rebel Souls:

  • Sharing my experience road-tripping from Chicago to LA along route 66
  • Asking yourself what does it look like to rebel for your own legacy?
  • Expressing gratitude for all the support on the 1-year anniversary of my book launch
  • The concept of “Soul-Models” and the next generation of role models
  • Asking what you want to be remembered for and what are you doing to achieve that?
  • How to measure your legacy in practical terms for your life
  • What is your personal board of directors? And how they can help influence your decisions
  • How your calendar can be a reality check for achieving your dreams
  • Using the Ideal Day exercise to help affirm the important tasks in your life
  • Learning to say no graciously, and why you should only say yes to things you’re aligned with
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with people who fuel your soul

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Liberate Your Soul & Join the Repletion

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