Rebelling FOR Bigness

Rebelling FOR Liberating a Billion Souls

What does ‘playing big’ mean to you? What does it look like? Feel like? Sound like? How do you go from playing small to playing a bigger game and achieving your wildest dreams? As entrepreneurs and high-performing leaders, stepping into our power and embracing our inner bigness is often one of the most challenging and scary experiences we face when advancing to our next level of greatness.

But embracing and embodying our bigness is the key to unlocking our rebel souls. It’s the energetic foundation for creating the massive impact we want to create in the world.

In today’s episode, I dive deeper into my career backstory and why I felt unfulfilled in my corporate career, despite achieving massive success and recognition. I discuss why taking risks, trying new things, and staying true to yourself is important for many rebel souls. I discuss the importance of identifying your personal and professional insecurities, how they manifest in your life, and how they are impacting your career trajectory. I share my struggles with being a natural rebel while also having people-pleasing tendencies and how being a perpetual people-pleaser can actually hinder your ability to play big. I also share how I realized it’s beautiful to be a force of nature, that being in touch with my feminine side is nature, and how embracing that natural beauty is how female leaders play big and get things done.

“Let’s rebel together for our bigness! This is how we are going to be the ripples that become the wave.” – Shelley Paxton

This week on Rebel Souls:

  • Why I felt unfulfilled in my corporate career, despite achieving massive success
  • Why I struggled to play a bigger game on the corporate field
  • Identifying your insecurities and how they’re impacting your career
  • Getting clear about your people-pleasing tendencies and how it hinders your ability to play at a bigger level
  • Getting in touch with your “Divine Self”
  • Embracing heart-centered leadership, compassion, and empathy
  • The value of embracing your feminine side to play big and get things done

Resources Mentioned:


I was always too big for you.

Yes, you. Every man in my life. Every husband, boyfriend, and potential suitor.

Too intense.

Too successful.

Too curvy.

Too fat.

Too bold.

Too smart.

Too independent.

Too charismatic.

Too much.

Too much like the wild swells of the ocean, like the raging winds of a monsoon, like the scorching rays of the desert sun.

You told me I was a force of nature. Too big. In every way. And I believed you.

I felt crushed and ashamed and misunderstood…and unlovable. Alone. Aching. Too big for love.

Until now.

Now I understand that big is beautiful. That the vast expansiveness of the divine feminine is powerful. The movement, the energy, the beauty, the expression, the emotion, the leadership. The force that nature intended.

Now I choose to show up as “She who must be loved in her bigness and ravished in her wild feminine.”

Look out world.

Liberate Your Soul & Join the Rebelution

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