Nick Craig Rebelling FOR Purpose

Nick Craig Rebelling FOR Purpose

Nick Craig is the author of Leading from Purpose: Clarity and the Confidence to Act When it Matters Most. He is a leading pioneer in the field of purpose who has spent 25 years in leadership consulting and has worked with global brands such as Unilever, ING Bank, and LEGO. Guided by his purpose statement to “wake people up and welcome them home,” Nick has helped corporate leaders understand their purpose and impact their work. Nick and I are kindred spirits who speak the same language of purpose – and though we only met recently, it feels like we have been friends for a long time.

Nick joins me today to discuss why we need to understand our purpose and live into it – now, more than ever. He defines what purpose means, where it is, and how we can get there. He describes our magical childhood memories as access portals to our life’s purpose and illustrates the similarities between a purpose and a movie. He also describes purpose as an antidote to life’s uncertainties and underscores its relationship with authenticity and fulfillment.

“The gift of purpose is that you’ll never fully know it. You will always be discovering a fuller, richer version of it.” – Nick Craig

This week on Rebel Souls:

  • Rebelling FOR being the authority of ourselves by living from our purpose
  • Why you need to have passion to be able to rebel
  • Purpose as a way to let go of “shoulds” and access the deeper wisdom in our lives
  • The heart of the word “authority” and its relationship with life’s journey
  • What begins to happen when you start to understand, own, and live in your purpose
  • What purpose means and the joy and terror of writing books
  • How Nick’s purpose showed up in his life and how it changed his journey
  • The difference between ‘acquiring’ and ‘reconnecting with’ your purpose
  • Articulating purpose and helping people reconnect with the story in their souls
  • What purpose statements are and how they can help you access your purpose
  • How intellectualizing purpose makes it elusive and intimidating for so many people
  • The correlation between purpose, success, and fulfillment
  • How purpose evolves as we continue to change as people
  • The importance of controlling access to your purpose
  • The Polar Bear Mom and how looking back at the patterns in our life’s journey can help us connect with our purpose
  • The three access points to your purpose 
  • Reconnecting with the child inside and how play sets us free
  • The myth and dangers of the noble, earth-shattering, world-changing life purpose
  • Strategies to fulfill your purpose
  • Purpose as the ultimate antidote to uncertainty

Connect with Nick Craig:

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