Mark-Hans Richer Rebelling FOR Corporate Courage

Mark-Hans Richer Rebelling FOR Corporate Courage

Mark-Hans Richer is a long-time friend, comrade-in-arms, and the O.G. Rebel Soul. Out of all the guests who have been on the show so far, Mark-Hans has been in my life the longest. He has been a constant inspiration for me to go out, be innovative, and embrace my Rebel Soul ever since we started our careers together in the advertising world. And over his 29 years of Corporate and Agency experience, Mark-Hans has driven marketing, promotions, experiences, and customer operations in major U.S. and global brands. Today, Mark-Hans serves as the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer for Fortune Brands Home & Security.

Mark-Hans joins me today to discuss what kind of courage it takes to drive innovation and change in a corporate environment. He discusses the challenges change-makers face when initiating ideas and illustrates how they lose their Rebel Souls in a corporation. He defines what it means to be an ‘interpreneur’ and differentiates it from an entrepreneur. He also emphasizes the value of courage in leadership and discusses how we can invite others to join in creating change.

“When you’re serving a business’s objectives through courage and creativity, get to the extreme level of your ideas and their crazy iterations.” – Mark-Hans Richer

This week on Rebel Souls:

  • The need for liberating courage and how people lose their rebel souls in corporations
  • The shifts needed for leaders to embrace innovation and for corporations to develop tolerance towards disruption
  • Serving a business through courage and creativity
  • What an ‘interpreneur’ is and its similarities and differences from an entrepreneur
  • The source of Mark-Hans’ courage and how he got me into improv comedy
  • Courage as a leadership trait and its relationship with creativity
  • The power of living the truth of your values
  • How Mark-Hans inspired my first Soulbbatical and how it began my love affair with global marketing and travel
  • What it means to ‘transcend and include’ in your career and how we undervalue our professional experiences
  • The tension points where innovation lives and thrives
  • How leadership in a corporation can support innovation
  • Rebelling for safe water for all

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