Jessica Zweig Rebelling FOR Authenticity

Jessica Zweig Rebelling FOR Authenticity

Jessica Zweig is the Founder and CEO of SimplyBe, a premier personal branding company for entrepreneurs, executives, and organizations around the world. She is an award-winning entrepreneur and personal branding expert that has helped countless industry leaders transform their personal brand from being an expert in their field to becoming thought-leaders of their industry. Jessica has been recognized and featured in dozens of media publications, including FOX News, MarketWatch, Forbes, and Business Insider. Jessica is also a highly sought-after, dynamic speaker, having spoken on national and international stages, including Google, Microsoft, Pinterest, and Kellogg School of Management as well as a workshop and mastermind facilitator for entrepreneurs and organizations looking to scale their personal brands.

Jessica joins me today to discuss how she is rebelling for authenticity and what authenticity means to her.  She explains how to use your authenticity as a form of empowerment, why it’s a daily practice – not a destination – and the power of integrating all aspects of who you are to show up in your authentic truth every day. She discusses what is possible when you show up from a place of truth and profound service. She also shares her framework for revealing the essence of your brand and shares a sneak peek into her upcoming book, Be. A No Bullshit Guide to Increasing Your Self Worth and Your Net Worth by Simply Being You.

“That owning of our truth and our full capacity is authenticity.” – Jessica Zweig

This week on Rebel Souls:

  • Why Jessica believes people have lost the true sense of what authenticity means
  • Why it’s critical to be who you say you are, to own your authentic self, and to integrate all aspects of your authentic self into your personal and professional life
  • The four realms of consciousness and identifying the ‘shadow sides’ of yourself through this process
  • How being clear and current with the people around you helps you stay true to your authentic self
  • Jessica’s journey to finding her true, authentic self and how she helps clients activate and awaken their inner truths while giving them permission to live their truth through their brands
  • How your business and brand growth is intertwined with your personal growth and personal development
  • How being yourself helps you attract your ideal clients
  • Why staying true to your inner truth and authenticity is a daily practice, not a destination
  • How Jessica developed the Personal Brand Hologram™ and the four brand pillars of the Hologram™
  • How she reconnected with her scrappy inner entrepreneur to launch a new course during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • A sneak peek into Jessica’s upcoming book and how it walks readers through the steps to create their authentic message and build your brand strategy and platform
  • The four key areas that F.U.E.L Jessica’s rebel soul

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