Ione Butler Rebelling FOR Uplifting Stories

Ione Butler Rebelling FOR Uplifting Stories

Ione Butler is a British actress, voice-over artist, and entrepreneur who recently filmed for Marvel Studios’ upcoming spy thriller, Black Widow. Stirred by her own experience with adversity and challenges, Ione created the online platform Uplifting Content to share empowering and inspirational stories that encourage us to act and create a better world for ourselves and others. She is a true rebel who reminds us that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Her book, Uplifting Stories: True Tales to Inspire You to Action, continues this mission of uplifting people by telling stories of how remarkable individuals, such as Kyle Maynard and Doniece Sandoval, overcame adversity and created an impact in the world. There is no better time for us to consume more positive, inspirational content than today – and Ione is a powerful storyteller who meets this need.

Ione joins me today to discuss how positive, inspirational content can impact our wellbeing. She shares her struggles with mental health issues and how she coped with her depression when she was younger. She explains how what we put in our bodies in all forms – whether its food or news media – can physically affect us and our health. She also explains what post-traumatic growth is and explores how we can transform life’s tribulations into a catalyst that can help us change the world.

“Surround yourself with stories of people who have overcome and persevered. They can give you strength and hope.” – Ione Butler

This week on Rebel Souls:

  • Rebelling for more inspirational stories and uplifting content in the world
  • The disproportion between positive and negative stories in the news
  • Ione’s experience with depression and her personal journey into creating uplifting content
  • How getting into personal development helped Ione manage and cope with mental health issues
  • Uplifting Content’s two-fold mission
  • Creating a life by design and figuring out what you want for your life
  • What happens when we share our vulnerabilities through storytelling
  • The story of Doniece Sandoval and the power of acknowledging other people
  • The pursuit of freedom and how Kyle Maynard overcomes life’s challenges
  • Post-traumatic growth and transforming negative experiences into strength
  • How the growth mindset is a choice
  • Prioritizing self-care, protecting our energy, and an invitation to a news hiatus
  • Putting in the Big Rocks, resourcing yourself, and filling in your Soul F.U.E.L.
  • How Ione maintains her authenticity and sustains her acts of service

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