Helen Appleby Rebelling FOR the Unwritten Rules of Women’s Leadership

Helen Appleby Rebelling FOR the Unwritten Rules of Women's Leadership

Helen Appleby is a British, New York-based Executive Coach, Author, Speaker, and Leadership Trainer who has a strong track record of leadership and commercial success. Prior to becoming a full-time coach, she was a VP & Global Business Leader for GlaxoSmithKline where she led the $1bn Respiratory Health business in Consumer Healthcare. Her career at GSK and Unilever spanned 6 countries and she has lived and worked in Canada, the UK, Cyprus, Dubai, Malaysia, and the USA. She is the author of “The Unwritten Rules of Women’s Leadership” book and podcast. She is a fantastic shopper, an average yogi, and a terrible cook.

Helen joins me today to discuss how women can succeed in business and how we can all support getting more women in leadership roles. We talk about the importance of having a community and how it permits you to pursue your dreams. Helen explains why being a working mom sets a good example for your daughters and sons. We also talk about our shared experiences of being compelled by our fathers to work in careers that did not make us happy and how we dealt with those feelings.  

“The key thing to remember here is that psychologically and unconsciously people support what they help to build in all walks of life.” – Helen Appleby

This week on Rebel Souls:

  • Rebelling FOR women succeeding and helping other women succeed
  • Why asking for help is not a sign of weakness
  • The benefits of having a community to support you
  • The different criteria that men and women are judged by for promotions
  • Why Helen’s book is meant to be a companion for women in business
  • The moment Helen realized she wanted to be a coach
  • The impact Helen’s dad left on her and compelled her to become a marketing director
  • The positive effects of being a working mom have on your children
  • The importance of self-care and setting boundaries with work
  • What to look for in a mentor and how to approach potential mentors
  • What women can do better to support each other at work
  • What men can do to help support women in their workplace

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