Erin Baker Rebelling FOR The Power and Paradox of “AND”

Erin Baker Rebelling FOR The Power and Paradox of "AND"

Dr. Erin Baker’s journey is living life in the “AND”that three-letter word that, when embraced, brings out our most authentic and creative selves. She is a social psychologist, entrepreneur, and Transformative Leadership Coach who helps innovators and entrepreneurs make a difference in the world. She is the creator and host of Life in the And, a podcast where she engages leaders, activists, and authors in conversations about their missions to create a more authentic, inclusive, and loving world.

Erin joins me today to share her life in the And, and the power that one of the shortest words in the English language can bring. She explains what And means for her and how she discovered its potential to bridge divides and embrace life’s paradoxes. She ponders on the relationship between fear and courage and highlights the importance of having the courage to make mistakes in our lives. She also discusses the potential of And to heal and underscores the value of embracing both our heart and mind.

“By changing the word ‘but’ or ‘or’ to ‘and,’ you can see things you haven’t seen before.” – Erin Baker

This week on Rebel Souls:

  • Erin’s life in the And and what she’s rebelling for
  • How the improv world’s “Yes, and” game is creating innovation in the tech world
  • The language of possibility and what Andmeans for Erin
  • Erin’s professional and personal journey with identity, paradox, and how she discovered the power of And
  • The value of having high intentions and low attachment to goals
  • The Ands that guide Erin as a scientist and entrepreneur
  • The sweet spot between fear and courage
  • Exploring our What-If-I-Don’ts and taking the leap to a more meaningful path
  • The value of making mistakes and how they help us grow
  • The balancing act between our headspace and heartspace
  • What it means to invest in our own equity
  • The beginner’s mindset and why we never truly start over when we leave our previous jobs or roles
  • Using Ands to heal and bridge racial divides and injustices

Connect with Erin Baker:

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