Ed Magee Rebelling FOR The Next Generation of Musicians

Ed Magee Rebelling FOR The Next Generation of Musicians

The resume of my dear friend and fellow Rebel Soul, Ed Magee, is a litany of iconic brands. After 15 years of serving at the US Marine Corps – where he eventually became Lieutenant Colonel – Ed was recruited by the Harley-Davidson Motor Company and ran three of its plants. Today, Ed works as the Executive Vice President for Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. But his work with Fender goes beyond running the company’s operations – from manufacturing to supply chain and distribution. As Co-President of the Fender Play Foundation, Ed is deeply involved in the company’s mission to support the world’s musicians.

Ed joins me today to share his passion for inspiring the world’s next generation of musicians. He illustrates how music education impacts children’s physical and neurological development and helps them find their voices during challenging times. He explains how and why leaders need to empathize with employees and shares what he learned from Brene Brown about leadership. He also describes what inspired him to join the US Marines and how the experience reinforced his dedication to serving a mission greater than himself.

“Kids are in a time where they struggle to find their voices, but music guarantees that. Music comes from the soul, giving kids the chance to breathe.” – Ed Magee

This week on Rebel Souls:

  • Rebelling for music education for middle schoolers
  • How music education helps children find their voices in tumultuous times
  • The connecting power of music and how it allows us to love, heal, and protest
  • Becoming the Chief Soul Officer of our lives and why leaders need to rebel for the physical, emotional, and mental health of their employees
  • What Ed learned about being a leader from Brene Brown’s work
  • The difference between fear-based leadership and daring leadership
  • The different ways Ed creates head and heart space
  • Being versus doing and how we can model every day how we show up to employees
  • The values and leadership tools that make an organization more inclusive and resilient
  • What inspired Ed to serve in the US Marines and how the experience reinforced his dedication to service
  • How being purpose-driven can help us get through the pandemic
  • Why leaders need to reflect on and participate in upholding racial justice
  • Ed’s work in the Fender Play Foundation
  • The importance of supporting arts & education in middle schools

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