Danielle Macleod Rebelling FOR Being Remarkable

Danielle Macleod Rebelling FOR Being Remarkable

My soul sister and friend, Danielle Macleod, is the co-founder of Remarkable Women and the author of  Remarkably Easy: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Unleash Your Brilliance. Danielle is extremely passionate about helping us all get out of our way and embrace our gifts – a strength and zone of genius she discovered when she led over 10,000 employees as the Customer Service Director for the UK’s Sky TV. Today, Danielle taps into her own humanity and remarkableness to guide women into finding their brilliance and becoming truly remarkable.

Danielle joins me today to discuss what it takes to rebel for being remarkable in a world that tells you that you aren’t special. She shares an experience as a young girl that became the catalyst for her understanding that we are all unique and remarkable. She illustrates her corporate life and career, how she transitioned from a secretary taking minutes in board meetings to serving as Customer Service Director for one of the UK’s biggest companies. She also describes the Queen archetype, how we can step into it, and shares some practical steps we can take to become remarkable.

“When you’re in Queen mode, the world unfolds in front of you; it’s a way of being remarkable. The more people understand it, the easier things get for the world.” – Danielle Macleod

This week on Rebel Souls:

  • Rebelling for being remarkable, flipping the finger at the status quo, and waking people up
  • What makes Rebel Souls unique individuals and what it means to be remarkable
  • The journey that led Danielle to stand up for being remarkable
  • Being caught by the child catcher and having the Crazy Lady in all of us
  • The difference between the zone of excellence and the zone of genius
  • How the world gets screwed up when we deny our talents
  • The “Willing to Lose” list, how non-attachment can be frightening, and why Danielle created Remarkable Women
  • Practical steps to unleash your remarkableness
  • What the Most Remarkable Woman in Scotland would do to play bigger every day
  • The power of taking tiny steps towards our goals
  • The three kinds of requests and how to make a powerful one
  • What the Queen archetype is and why you don’t have to be a Warrior

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