Dalia Feldheim Rebelling FOR Leading Like a Girl

Dalia Feldheim Rebelling FOR Leading Like a Girl

Dalia is the founder of Flow Leadership Consultancy, an international keynote speaker, executive coach, and organizational consultant on a mission to humanize the workplace and driver resilience and Joy at work. Dalia is also the founder of the P&G women’s network in Moscow and Singapore and author of MOM (Managing Our Maternity) internal P&G maternity guide. Her practical 20 years of experience backed by her academic background as well as her executive coaching practice, provide her a unique edge on her mission to empower people to be the best that they can be and enable organizations to promote a more holistic, authentic, and human leadership edge that is better adapted to the future of work. 

Dalia joins me today to teach us what it means to “Lead Like a Girl” by using our passions and our hearts. Dalia compares her experiences working with managers that encouraged her to be passionate versus ones that only cared about the return on investment. She educates us on the feminine and masculine traits of leadership, and how feminine leadership is helping manage the spread of COVID. This mash-up of masterclasses is definitely what we need to be the light in every aspect of our lives.

“Purpose is not just waiting for the one big thing and then I’ll be happy. It’s inserting those little magical moments into every single day. It’s asking yourself: “Am I bringing my strengths to work every single day?” – Dalia Feldheim

This week on Rebel Souls:

  • Rebelling FOR leaders daring to lead from their hearts
  • Dalia’s background and what she attributes to her success at Proctor & Gamble
  • How an experience in India, led Dalia to make a marketing campaign of social significance
  • How your business benefits from you bringing your passions into work
  • Understanding how every hardship has a lesson
  • Why crying can be a sign of your passion
  • The direct impact your direct manager can have on your work
  • The psychological safety of being able to speak your mind
  • What is mirror leadership and how this can be harmful
  • What does it mean to “Lead Like a Girl”?
  • Why women are better at crisis management than men. 
  • How Dalia started teaching in Singapore
  • Using The 5 Peak Model to help you thrive

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