Cristi Christensen Rebelling FOR Aliveness

Cristi Christensen Rebelling FOR Aliveness

Cristi Christensen is an international Master Yoga Instructor and Fitness expert. She is a FIRE ACTIVATOR on a mission to shake up the plant. As a former elite-level gymnast and platform diver, she has trained with the US Olympic diving team, but following an injury that ended her dreams of going to the Olympics, Cristi turned her focus to helping others. Recognized for her dynamic approach of blending yoga, dance, inspiration, and live music, she now travels the world to awaken and transform more lives – inside and out – by leading workshops, retreats, and teacher training programs. Cristi currently sits on the faculty as a Master Instructor for multiple festivals and conferences around the world and is the creator of Soul Fire – her own unique, signature style of yoga. She is also the co-creator of Deep Exhale and Kirana Yoga School as well as the author of the soon-to-be released book: Chakra Rituals: Awakening the Wild Woman Within, which is expected to hit the bookstores in August 2021.

Cristi joins me today to share why she is rebelling for aliveness and why she believes people want to understand what it truly means to feel alive instead of the ‘meaning of life.’ We discuss the ‘five layers of your soul’ and how she helps people rekindle their inner fire and connect with their deepest essence and inner truth. She shares how recovering from a back injury that ended her athletic career led to her discovery of yoga and her mission to help others through their healing journey. She explains why she defines yoga as more than just poses, but as an embodiment and liberation practice, and how she blends yoga, dance, and music into her workout programs. We discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has aided in the compression and restriction of our energy and how it has impacted our mental and physical health. We also discuss what it means to reclaim your body temple, to celebrate your ‘jiggly bits,’ and to inhabit your body in full loving, acceptance, and appreciation, as well as what it could feel like to fully embrace and love your body the way it is.

“The body is the vehicle; the body is the portal – the portal to aliveness, the portal to embodiment, the portal to it all.” – Cristi Christensen

This week on Rebel Souls:

  • Rebelling FOR aliveness and what it truly means to feel alive
  • Why healing and balance start with aliveness and being awakened to the pulsation of life
  • The Soul Fire Yoga program and how it helps you connect with the 5 layers of your soul
  • The challenges Cristi faced following her back injury and how it inspired her mission to help others
  • What it really means to “shake up the planet” and how Cristi blends yoga, dance, and music in her workout programs
  • Why Cristi defines yoga as an embodiment practice as well as a liberation practice
  • How physically shaking your body can help relieve stress and tension and shift your energy
  • Why Cristi believes your body is the vehicle to feeling alive
  • How COVID-19 has put us in a place of constriction and restriction
  • A brief introduction to Dynamic Breathing and how it can help relieve stress and anxiety
  • What it means to reclaim your body temple and ‘celebrate the jiggly bits’
  • A sneak peek into Cristi’s upcoming book, Chakra Rituals, and what inspired her to write it

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