Cornell Thomas Rebelling FOR Mindset

Cornell Thomas Rebelling FOR Mindset

Cornell Thomas is a former professional basketball player whose career abruptly ended due to an injury. Being well-versed in facing adversities, Cornell turned this experience into a positive way to transform his life by focusing on the ‘what now?’ factor instead of the ‘why me?’ Today, Cornell is an inspirational speaker, multi-book author, corporate trainer, and mindset coach on a mission to help others transform their lives and businesses by focusing on their emotional intelligence, team building, and culture. His book, Extraordinary: The Great Distance Between Good and Great has been endorsed by some of the top experts in his field, including Tony Robbins and Dr. Cornel West. He is also the host of two popular podcasts – Population Unplugged and The Storytellers Podcast.

Cornell joins me today to discuss why he is rebelling for mindset and why he believes everything in life is controlled by your mindset. We discuss the power of sacrificing what you ‘like’ to achieve what you truly love and the challenges he faced throughout his childhood to fulfill his dreams. Cornell shares how a physical injury changed the trajectory of his life and career and led him on the path to help others realize the power of a positive mindset. We discuss how we can use challenges and adversity as a way to learn more about ourselves and the importance of waking up each day with a beginner’s mindset. We also discuss the “Power of Pause” and leaning into vulnerabilities as well as Cornell’s book writing process and what inspired him to host the Global Positivity Summit.

“We all have gardens in our brain – whatever you plant grows. So if you plant negative stuff, the weeds are going to grow. If you plant positive things, that’s what is going to grow.” – Cornell Thomas

This week on Rebel Souls:

  • Why Cornell is rebelling for mindset and his belief that everything in life is controlled by your mindset
  • The pivotal moment that allowed Cornell to create a mindset shift in his own life that eventually transformed his world
  • The importance of planting positive thoughts and how the seeds of positivity can sprout positive results
  • Cornell’s journey from playing professional basketball to becoming the head coach of his alma mater before becoming a mindset coach
  • The value of taking small baby steps and how they can transform your life and the impact of comparing yourself and your success to others
  • How adversity is a tool to teach us about ourselves and the value of adopting a beginner’s mindset
  • The power of taking a pause and leaning into vulnerability
  • Cornell’s Global Positivity Summit and what inspired him to host the summit during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • A sneak peek into Cornell’s writing process and his goal for publishing 10 books by 2022
  • The importance of believing you are special and identifying your superpower
  • What fuels Cornell’s rebel soul

Connect with Cornell Thomas:

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