Christina Glickman Rebelling FOR Unapologetic Confidence

Christina Glickman Rebelling FOR Unapologetic Confidence

Christina Glickman is an industry disruptor, entrepreneur, and author. Driven by her calling to help women find their confidence and life purpose, Christina authored the Amazon bestseller, Xtra: The Art of Being, where she shares her love of fashion and her philosophy of living in your truth and expression. Christina is a staunch advocate for health-protective laws and cleaner cosmetics. As Managing Director of Beautycounter, Christina leads a team of consultants to deliver the organization’s mission of educating consumers about the need for safer products in the beauty industry.

Christina joins me today to share how she discovered and cultivated her unapologetic confidence and why she is passionate about helping women find their bold expression. She reveals the biggest hindrances to women’s success and explores the idea of being in contrast to doing. She illustrates how she imparts to her children the courage to be who they are and the power of believing in yourself. She also discusses how pain can transform our sense of self and highlights how failure is an essential part of the progress toward success.

“Being yourself is one of the hardest things you can possibly do. But once you do it, it’s so much easier than to pretend.” – Christina Glickman

This week on Rebel Souls:

  • Rebelling for women, people, and unapologetic confidence
  • What it means to be Xtraand how Christina discovered her calling in life
  • Authenticity as the truest form of rebellion and how pretending to be someone else is exhausting
  • Christina’s journey in building her confidence and the courage to be herself
  • How the fear of being seen, the fear of vulnerability, and the lack of confidence hinder women from finding success
  • Christina’s advice for women on cultivating their confidence
  • What led Christina to write her book and why everyone’s story is worth telling
  • Trust and surrender, and how taking small steps can lead to great accomplishments
  • Role modeling confidence in children and younger people
  • How Christina ran a marathon without training
  • Touchstones, tattoos, power arms, and how a painful event transformed Christina and her sense of self
  • The ability to fail as a reminder of progress
  • What you should do if you don’t think you have a calling in life

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