Bronwyn Saglimbeni Rebelling FOR Authentic Communication

Bronwyn Saglimbeni Rebelling FOR Authentic Communication

Over the past 20 years, Bronwyn Saglimbeni has dedicated herself to helping people shine while communicating with authenticity. She is a communication coach and speaker who has helped her clients prepare for their appearances in big moments – from The Oprah Winfrey Show to TEDx Talks. Whether it’s through her podcast, 20 Minutes with Bronwyn, her coaching, or public speaking, Bronwyn shares tools and techniques that allow people to shine their brightest and dazzle their audiences.

Bronwyn joins me today to discuss how we can bring our most authentic selves into communication. She shares her experience with the writing process and underscores the importance of confronting our emotions in the creative process. She defines what it means to shine and highlights the techniques you can employ to earn and hold your audience’s attention in any form of communication. She also describes the power of anchoring your message in emotion and discusses how our negative self-talk influences how we communicate with others.

“Authenticity for its own sake is just an ego trip. Authenticity in service to the audience’s needs, that’s when the electricity happens on-stage.” – Bronwyn Saglimbeni

This week on Rebel Souls:

  • Rebelling for authentic communication and advocating for who we are
  • How we’ve pivoted from face-to-face to virtual communication
  • What it means to be a communication coach and how Bronwyn found her career
  • Why there are no boring people and Bronwyn’s framework for bringing out personality and authenticity
  • What Bronwyn uncovered in the writing process and how she found her writing voice
  • How to earn and hold the attention of your audience
  • The power of underpinning a message in an emotion
  • Bronwyn’s “Homework for Life” and using experiences as creative material
  • Vulnerability and the dimensions of our humanity
  • Why confronting our emotional life is the key to creativity
  • Bullyloops and how we talk to ourselves influences how we talk to other people
  • Doing versus being and how busyness gives us a false sense of purpose
  • Connecting and engaging an audience in virtual meetings
  • Bronwyn’s “Bruce Willis” moment and coming to terms with racial injustice
  • The dangers of insisting on the centering of white experience and why being anti-racist should be part of self-improvement

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