Ayse Birsel Rebelling FOR Designing The Life You Love

Ayse Birsel Rebelling FOR Designing The Life You Love

Ayse (pronounced Eye-Shay) Birsel is one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People In Business 2017 and is on the Thinkers50 Radar List of the 30 management thinkers most likely to shape the future of organizations. She is the author of Design the Life You Love. Recognized as #1 Coach in Life Design in the world, she gives lectures on Design the Life + Work You Love to corporations, Ayse is the co-founder of Birsel + Seck, the award-winning design and innovation studio, and consults to Amazon, Colgate-Palmolive, Herman Miller, GE, IKEA, The Scan Foundation, Staples and Toyota, among others. Her design process, Deconstruction:Reconstruction™, is the red thread across all her work. Her work can be found in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

Ayse joins me today to talk to discuss why she became a design rebel, and how this led her from designing products to helping people design their lives. She uses her life experience to explain the importance of accepting how life changes your outlook and the importance of developing your own opportunities. She also shares the five principles of her philosophy and how they can help everyone develop more meaning and happiness in their lives.  

“You can be really good at what you do, but there are outside forces that can shape your life, and there is not much you can do about it.”- Ayse Birsel

This week on Rebel Souls:

  • Rebelling FOR everyone to design an original life for themselves
  • Product Design and its significance in our lives
  • Ayse’s journey to becoming a product design engineer and coming to New York
  • What success looked like for Ayse and how her career helped her meet her husband
  • The 2008 Recession and how it forced Ayse to grow in a new direction
  • The difficulty of being the best in your field with no ability to transition your work
  • How Deconstruction:Reconstruction was developed out of Ayse’s previous life experiences
  • The importance of one person believing in you
  • The five principles of Ayse’s book: Design the Life You Love
  • Not being afraid to ask for help and how collaboration can create inspiration
  • Identifying your superpowers and your kryptonite to help you grow
  • The importance to continue showing up and how it can pay off
  • What Ayse’s new book is focused on and why its relevant in today’s world
  • Ayse’s new endeavors with Alive Ventures

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