Mastering Midlife Episode 52 – Shelley Paxton

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Today on Mastering Midlife:

●      Shelley’s journey from “Harley Davidson Corporate Rebel” to finding her best life.

●      Why did she leave the sexiest job on the planet to learn about herself?

●      How choosing to fight (the inner voice) rather than listen, impacted her health.

●      What is a “Soulbbatical?”

●      Soulbbatical

  • Fulfillment (it isn’t a bad “F” word)
  • Self-Compassion
  • Authenticity (The truest form of rebellion)
  • Courage (to create what we want)
  • Purpose

●      The Five Things Motorcycling Taught Her about Life and Leadership (link below)

Shelley Paxton had me from hello.  I met her while in the beginning of her leaving the corporate world to explore her next chapter.  From the moment we connected, I knew she was the real deal and that her gifts and story would transform all that met her.  Fast forward to today, we get to learn, in real time, how that journey is going. The results of her journey (so far) are in her new book (coming in late 2019), “Soulbbatical, A Corporate Rebel’s Guide to Finding Your Best Life,” and a conversation about her viral article, “The Five Things Motorcycling Taught Me About Life and Leadership.” 

Pain is a gift.  It means I am somehow out of alignment with myself.

Shelley Paxton

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