Full Moon Fever in Soul F.U.E.L. v14

Full Moon Fever in Soul F.U.E.L. v14
Hey Soul Fam,

I don’t know if it’s the powerful energy of the second full moon in a month, the very real prospect of a long winter in lockdown, the disappearance of daylight savings time, and/or the nail-biting tension of the imminent U.S. Presidential Election, but I’m feeling all the feels. In a big, stay-under-the-covers-for-at-least-an-extra-hour-every-morning kind of way. I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t even want to write this newsletter. Mostly because I have no fucking idea what to say in the sober light of this moment.

But I’ve promised to show up for myself and all of you in good times and in bad. In the presence of new moons and full moons. With answers and without. As Glennon Doyle, one of my sheroes, frequently reminds us, “We can do hard things.”

So here I am, processing out loud and in real-time. Hoping that this might be just the invitation some of you need to do the same; to be messy and embrace the not knowingness of life. Sharing the seemingly random people, places, and things keeping my soul alive and afloat these days.

I’m also reminding myself that I have choice, agency, and a responsibility to set the tone for my own life. Regardless of what’s happening in the crazy world around me. I’m no astrological guru, but I’m choosing to tune in to the significance of the rare Blue Moon event last night (even rarer on Halloween!) and embrace it as a cosmic reset. An opportunity to release and heal; a time to mend body, mind, and heart; and an invitation to spend quiet time dialing into my intuition. Who wants to join me?!

Let’s make a pact that we’ll ask early and often, “What do I need in this moment?” and then give ourselves the grace and permission to make it so.

And, as we move into the waning moon, and the light starts to recede, let’s agree to release what’s no longer working for us. As challenging as it may feel in these dark and uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to say sayonara to anything not serving us and our highest purpose. As my favorite coffee mug implores: Let That Shit Go. We have big fucking full moon fever dreams to create!

Speaking of which, if you’re in the U.S. and you haven’t already, please VOTE. Your voice matters – in your own life and in the world at large. And now for our regularly scheduled programming. Think of it as PPE for the Soul…
Full Moon Fever in Soul F.U.E.L. v14



Witnessing my gorgeous friend Claire-Yvonne Naisbitt Hayward on her journey from former BP executive to liberated soul. She’s been on her own Soulbbatical for the past few months, traveling across Croatia (and now Montenegro and Albania), reconnecting with her truth and her purpose. And, in the process, blossoming as a beautiful poet. (She’s also reminding me of the power of what I preach.)

This particular poem, that she performed live for our coaching community last week, feels like an anthem for these times. The only thing I would change is the title. I’d like it to be One Billion Souls Free. 😉

10,000 Souls Free

Let it be me, let me be seen,
Let it be visible, let me be free,
Let it be open, let me be light,
Let it be love, let me take flight. 

Let me be high, go high and fly
Let me be flow, here down below,
Time to be free from tethers still holding,
Time invisible, time for new moulding. 

Let’s go to the moon, the stars and to space,
Out in the cosmos, no links to this place,
Infinite lifetime, infinitely long,
Let it be liminal, infinity and beyond. 

Let it be open and cross over time,
Let it be freedom, completely sublime,
Leading the way, day after day,
Freeing up souls is the warrior way. 

A thousand souls there, a thousand souls here,
Leading and lighting and shining nowhere,
Hearts wide open, sharing the love,
Beacons of hope, energy above. 

Ten thousand souls free, radiating and beaming,
Emanating, transmuting, sweet energy streaming,
Leylines, intentions connecting the planet,
Shift and transform, elevating magic. 

Possibility flows, right from our souls,
Shifting dynamic, the status quos,
Time it will take, patience indeed,
All on this road, it’s where there is need. 

The future is now, the future is present,
Ours to imagine, to hold and to dream,
It all comes full circle, completing the crescent,
Creating, vibrating, flowing up stream. 

So let them be open, let them be free
Let them be beautiful, clear like the sea,
Let them glow, shine infinitely,
Let them be open, let them be me. 

Claire-Yvonne NaisbittSplit, Croatia 🇭🇷 September 18, 2020
Full Moon Fever in Soul F.U.E.L. v14



Five: Where Will You Be Five Years From Today?  by Kobi Yamada and Dan Zadra This is a little book with a big impact. The authors describe it not as a workbook, but as a playbook. It’s designed to call forth and celebrate the want-tos, the choose-tos, and the I-can’t-wait-tos in your life. You are the hero of this journey. So, what do you want to do/be/have/create over the next five years? Dream BIG.

FWIW, this baby is coming with me to the Modern Elder Academy in Baja, Mexico, this month and is already on the way to a few of my clients. It’s never too early to start envisioning what we want to create in 2021 and beyond. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes…
Full Moon Fever in Soul F.U.E.L. v14



Being in community is non-negotiable rocket fuel for me – especially communities that inspire me to think big and play even bigger. As my coach likes to say, “If you’re the most interesting person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” So, in addition to the 4PC coaching community that supports and challenges me every day, I’m stepping into a new community that terrifies me as much as it excites me.
It’s called Chief – a private network for the most powerful women in business. Members are all C-suite and VP level executives who are seeking a safe and intimate space to connect, learn, and grow. As part of their membership, the women are placed into small, curated peer groups that meet 10x a year to go on a journey of personal and leadership transformation together. I’ve been selected as a Guide (Coach/Facilitator) for a handful of these groups in Chicago! We start in December. 
FYI – Chief is rapidly expanding in the U.S. They now have clubhouses in NYC, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, and Boston. Watch out for them in your neck of the woods.
And, in the meantime, get curious about the role community plays in your life. Do you have the support you need to make the impact you want to make? Are you surrounding yourself with people who inspire and challenge you? It’s a game changer, my friends. 
Full Moon Fever in Soul F.U.E.L. v14



I was tempted to fill this space (as I always do) with a list of what I’m tuning into on my daily walks. But the truth is that, more than anything, I’m listening to my soul. And coming to grips with the fact that I’ve been ignoring the whispers to slow down, create space, and take a much-needed break after nearly 10 months of book promotion.

Ironically, as I say in my book, the Universe whispers, then it shouts, and then it whacks you in the solar plexus with a 2×4. And, once again, I got whacked. Hard. I was moving a million miles a minute, juggling many things that weren’t 10s for me, and, well, not paying attention to what really matters. I hastily made plans to get to Mexico this month – room reservations, plane tickets, ground transport, even scoring some Mexican Pesos to have on hand – and then, last week, it happened. I spotted my dusty passport out of the corner of my zoom-weary eyes one day. I picked it up to drop in the ever-growing Mexico pile and, right as it was about to leave my hands, I opened it to the cover page. Only to discover that it was about to expire…while I was in Mexico. Face palm.

I’m a multi-million-mile flyer so this is a rookie mistake of the highest order. An order from the Universe to Slow. The. Hell. Down. So, I did. And, as a result, I delayed my departure and extended my trip. From two weeks to a month. Fingers crossed that my renewal appointment at the Passport Agency goes smoothly tomorrow morning. (Send good vibes!)

And, because no edition of this newsletter would be complete without a mention of Sister Brené, I have to call out her new Dare to Lead podcast. The first episode with Abby Wambach is pure gold. Check it out on Spotify. (I know, I know, I couldn’t help myself!)

P.S. I’m a huge fan of the band The Lumineers. One of their members, Wesley Schultz, just released a solo album called Vignettes. It includes covers of songs from the likes of Bob Dylan, Sheryl Crow, Coldplay, and Springsteen, all of whom influenced his songwriting over the years. I’ve been listening to it while writing this newsletter. Very soul-filling. You gotta check it out. 

I’m here for each and every one of you. Shoot me an email  and let me know what lit your soul on fire, what shifted your perspective for the weeks or months ahead, and/or how I can support you in any way. And, if you’ve read Soulbbatical or listened to Rebel Souls, I’d be so grateful for a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or your favorite pod platform.  Reviews are a vote of confidence that encourage kindred souls to make the leap! 
And don’t be shy. If you love what you’re reading in this newsletter, please share it with friends, family, clients, and colleagues who need a little more Soul Fuel in their lives. I mean, in this day and age, don’t we all? 

Stay safe and soul-full my friends. And, please do whatever you can to make a difference in whatever part of the country or world you’re in. For those of you in the States, make your voice heard by VOTING! I appreciate you all. Sending lots of rebel love your way.

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