FITFO’ing It in Soul F.U.E.L. v17

FITFO'ing It in Soul F.U.E.L. v17
Happy April, Soul Fam!
Firstly, I want to offer oodles of agnostic love to those of you honoring the traditions of Easter, Passover, and/or Ramadan. I hope these holidays invite you to celebrate the powers of rebirth, reflection, and liberation in your own special, significant, and soulful way. (Insert big virtual hug here.)
Personally, I’m celebrating being reconnected with all of you after a wild freaking ride in March. My sister, Christy, and I have been tag-teaming our way through a brutal couple of months (read: lots of time in Florida caregiving for ill, brain-damaged, and aging parents) so we gave ourselves permission to let go of anything and everything that wasn’t serving our parents, our family and our own wellbeing/sanity. Including this newsletter.
Caregiving is an all-consuming responsibility. For those of you who’ve been in this situation, or are in the thick of it right now, with parents, loved ones, and/or children, I want to pause and share mad respect. This is hard, and often heartbreaking, shit. I see you, feel you, and want to remind you to please, please, please make time to care for yourself. Even, and especially, when it feels impossible. I’m making it sound easy but, if you’ve seen my IGTV from a few weeks ago, you know that I sometimes forget to take my own soulbbatical medicine. So, I dropped this podcast SOULisode last Monday to remind you AND me about the importance of Radical Self Commitment. (Let’s hold each other accountable, Soul Fam!)
Speaking of family, I’ll let you in on a little behind-the-scenes wizardry: my sister does all the back-end work to make sure this newsletter looks fabulous, links to the right places, and lands in your inbox on time. She’s on spring break with her family this week so I’m secretly writing and producing this edition on my own. If it arrives looking like a legit shit sandwich, with broken links to boot, I’m thanking you beautiful souls in advance for your patience and forgiveness. I’m just trying to give her space to rejuvenate and FITFO my way through operational stuff that’s miles outside of my zone of genius.
Oh, and for those of you not yet familiar with the concept of FITFO, you won’t even know a world without it after this mind-blowing moment. It stands for Figure It The Fuck Out. Go forth and use liberally, my friends. You’re welcome.
Let’s be honest, we’re all FITFO’ing our way through life and business – especially when we’re blazing a rebel trail that is uniquely ours to travel. In this very moment, I’m not only FITFO’ing the newsletter, I’m also FITFO’ing brand new offerings in my business that I’m speaking into the world for the very first time here. Read on and let me know what you think!
FITFO'ing It in Soul F.U.E.L. v17



I’m fully embracing Spring as the season of new beginnings. That’s the case in nature so why not in business as well, right?! Most of you have heard me say that a big shift is underway at Soulbbatical. I’m on a mission to liberate a billion souls so it’s time to play bigger; in a way that inspires and impacts more beautiful souls (like you).
What exactly does that mean? Well, for starters, it means I’m going to be taking on far fewer year-long clients. As much as I love going deep in those transformational relationships, it’s time to create space for more speaking (see the Experiencing section below), free masterclasses (coming soon), live online courses (coming this Fall), a robust membership community (in development – FINALLY), another book (next year), and the first-ever offering I’m debuting here. (Yep, I’m listening, Soul Fam. And I’m beyond grateful that so many of you want more access to me and this work!)
You know I love to cannonball into the deep end so here we go. We’re gonna do this the old-fashioned way – and you guys get first dibs on what I’ve created. 3, 2, 1…(jump!)
The new program is called SOUL SESSIONS. It’s for 5 brave souls who want to spend 5 weeks going deep with me. One-on-one. One hour each week dedicated to you – your soul goals, your transformation, and your future. It’s an opportunity to unlock and unleash what you want to rebel FOR in your life. And to lay the groundwork for what you want to create coming out of the pandemic. Let’s be honest, this “great pause” has woken us all up to what matters most – so why wait to make it a reality?

Weekly one-on-one SOUL SESSIONS will begin the week of May 3rd (and continue through the week of May 31st). And you’ll get all kinds of support from me in between.
It’s the first time I’ve ever offered this kind of short-term, high-impact access and I’m excited to jump in together. If you’re a HELL YES or want to learn more, send me an email with the subject line “SOUL SESSIONS” and let me know what you want to create. Well, if I needed another sign from the Universe that it’s time to step up my game, I got it in spades last week. Forbes (yeah, that freaking Forbes!) named Soulbbatical #1 on its 21 Books to Read in 2021 List. I mean, pinch me and pick my jaw up off the floor. This was an unexpected and radically appreciated recognition. Maybe even a career-making one. (And rumor has it that another biggie is on the horizon…)

But here’s the truth. I thought my book baby was dying on the vine when the sun set on 2020. Sales were slowing, reviews were plateauing, media appearances were few and far between, and the world seemed doomed to be in lockdown forever. Simon & Schuster wasn’t returning my calls or initiating any conversation about a paperback release (the next obvious step for a “successful” book). It’s a kind of heartbreak that I haven’t spoken out loud…until now. 

But I never stopped believing that Soulbbatical is destined to have a greater impact in the world. As Brené said in her UT commencement address last year, “what starts here changes the world, but it will not be on your terms and it will not be on your timeline.” (Read that again and really take it in.) 

I’m sharing this as a reminder to never stop rebelling for what you believe and showing up like the rockstar you are (who already made it happen). Please keep putting your abundant intentions into the Universe (even, and especially, when it feels impossible). Arianna Huffington is next for me. Then Brené. Then Oprah. Because how else am I gonna make a dent in a billion souls, right?!

I’m curious, what’s next for YOU? What intentions will you set for playing a bigger game this year? 

P.S. If you haven’t watched Brené Brown’s “Don’t Be Afraid to Fall” 2020 UT commencement address, gift yourself these twenty minutes of inspo.
FITFO'ing It in Soul F.U.E.L. v17



Shelly Tygielski is a woman on a mission. She’s a mindfulness advocate and social justice activist. She brings trauma-informed healing to communities affected by gun violence and mass shootings. Most recently, she founded the Pandemic of Love movement that has raised over $50 million in donations by connecting those in need with those who can help. Over a million people have been connected since the start of the pandemic. If you need a pick-me-up, these stories are guaranteed to restore your faith in humanity. And if you want to keep spreading/receiving the love as a recipient or donor, click here.
Shelly and I don’t know each other (yet!), but I’m just a little – ok, a lot – obsessed with her heart-led work. She’s also blazing trails with my soul brother Justin Michael Williams (who you’ve all heard me gush about here and on the podcast). Shelly and Justin are partnered on a groundbreaking course called The Liberation Experience. It’s a journey of individual transformation and collective liberation in order to move toward ending racism. I love their description of the program: “Think Patrisse Cullors meets Eckhart Tolle. Black Lives Matter meets SuperSoul Sunday.” BOOM! The next cohort kicks off on April 19th if you’re ready to take action.
I’m in awe of the impact Shelly is having in the world. I want to champion her work in every way possible, so this is an unsolicited invitation to pre-order her new book Sit Down to Rise Up: How Radical Self-Care Can Change the World which debuts in October 2021. It’s a big fucking deal, you guys. Her book’s foreword is written by Chelsea Handler and has endorsements from the likes of President Biden and Arianna Huffington. I can’t wait for my copy!
FITFO'ing It in Soul F.U.E.L. v17



I’m in the process of writing my signature talk (think TEDx stages and corporate keynotes) and, holy shit, it’s lighting me up. I’ve never felt more on point with anything in my entire life. I’m crystal clear that Soulbbatical was my springboard to ultimately rebel FOR rewriting the script of success in leadership and corporate culture. And the time is NOW. The pandemic is forcing transformation on so many levels. 
My new talk is entitled “A Call for Rebel Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World.” (Did you just get goosebumps, too?) It was inspired by the Rebel Leader’s Manifesto I wrote in the middle of the pandemic. In fact, my coach, the brilliant and badass Abbey Gibb who you’ve heard me rave about before, helped me to see that the Manifesto is the crown jewel I need to be bringing to life on stages. She also coached me to get clear on my story, message, and movement – with compelling, real-time stats to convey the urgency and opportunity – in order to avoid another TEDx rejection. (Yep, I’ve had two…so far.)
Are any of you reading this thinking, “It’s my time, too!”? If, like me, you’re dreaming of standing on the highly coveted red dot on a TEDx stage then I’ve got an incredible opportunity for you. Abbey has a virtual “Land Your TEDx Talk” workshop coming up on Tuesday, April 6th. This woman knows her shit (and shares her shit). She’s stood on three (!!!) TEDx stages and her most recent talk has over a million views. Oh, did I mention that she also used to be an award-winning journalist? Storytelling is her genius.
So do yourself a favor and attend this workshop. Here’s a link to get one of the last few seats remaining! Believe me when I say this is a STEAL for the opportunity to work with Abbey. If you need any additional proof, listen to this IGTV with Abbey and I pronto.
See you on stage, Soul Fam!
FITFO'ing It in Soul F.U.E.L. v17



Yep, I’m gonna do it. It’s time for a shameless plug of my own Rebel Souls podcast because the March Women’s History Month line-up was on fire. I quadrupled down on conversations with trailblazing women. I’m honored to know, support, and be inspired by these badass soul sisters every single day. Each one of them is making a real impact in empowering more women to own their voice, value, and vivacious feminine energy:
Dalia Feldheim – Rebelling FOR Leading Like a Girl. Dalia is a fellow corporate refugee and former marketeer. Her storied global career at blue chip companies — including helping to shape the award-winning “Like a Girl” campaign at Proctor & Gamble — led her to her own calling to shine a spotlight on the power of feminine leadership. Her TEDx talk on the subject has over 60k views and counting. Honestly, this conversation is a masterclass in the mash-up of heart and soul, psychology, and neuroscience, and leadership and business. It’s a passionate call to bring our whole selves to our work. Listen here.
Claire Wasserman – Rebelling FOR Ladies Getting Paid. Named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Most Powerful women, Claire is the Founder of Ladies Get Paid, a global community and educational platform that champions the professional and financial advancement of women, and author of a bestselling new book by the same title. She’s a fierce advocate for equal pay and power as well as systemic change. The nuggets of wisdom she shares with us have helped thousands of women negotiate millions of dollars in raises, start businesses, and advocate for themselves in the workplace.
Listen here.
Helen Appleby – Rebelling for The Unwritten Rules of Women’s Leadership. Helen is an Executive Coach, Podcast host, and Author of The Unwritten Rules of Women’s Leadership. She’s also a badass who used to run the billion-dollar Global Respiratory Health business at GlaxoSmithKline. In her journey to that rarified air, she realized that she wasn’t taught the “rules” for getting to the top. She generously shares what she learned in order to help more women land in senior leadership roles. Listen here.
Cristi Christensen – Rebelling FOR Aliveness. Cristi is a new and forever soul sister. She’s on a mission to shake up the planet and believe me when I say she means it. Literally. Her unique brand of movement, called SOUL FIRE Yoga, is for people like me (us?) for whom traditional yoga just doesn’t cut it. Cristi invites us to a wildly unique experience that’s part-dance, part-shake-it-out, and part-yoga. But what I really love about this conversation is her rich insight about how disconnected most of us have become from feeling truly alive every damn day – and how we can get back to that energizing place. Listen here.
You’re going to want to subscribe to Rebel Souls on your favorite pod platform so upcoming episodes with amazing guests (like celebrity photographer and creative alchemist Nick Onken) will magically appear in your library every Monday. Annnnnnnnnd, there are some big changes coming to the show in June! I’m switching to a new production company that’s fully aligned to my mission and vision. They’re helping me make Rebel Souls even more valuable for you guys and our ever-growing community! 
Finally, ICYMI, I had a juicy soul sister convo with my friend Mel Miles on her new Soulcation podcast. If you’re new to the Soulbbatical community, this is a a good deep dive into my story and mission in the world. You can find it on all pod platforms, but here are links to iTunes and Spotify. Happy listening!

I’m here for each and every one of you. Shoot me an email and let me know what lit your soul on fire, what shifted your perspective for the weeks or months ahead, and/or how I can support you in any way. And, if you’ve read Soulbbatical or listened to Rebel Souls, I’d be so grateful for a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or your favorite pod platform.  Reviews are a vote of confidence that encourage kindred souls to make the leap!
And don’t be shy. If you love what you’re reading in this newsletter, please share it with friends, family, clients, and colleagues who need a little more Soul Fuel in their lives. I mean, in this day and age, don’t we all?
Stay safe and soul-full my friends. And please do whatever you can to be the light in whatever part of the country or world you’re in. I appreciate you all. Sending lots of rebel love your way. 

FITFO'ing It in Soul F.U.E.L. v17
FITFO'ing It in Soul F.U.E.L. v17
Ready to play big? Longing for a life that’s more authentic, courageous, and fulfilling? Then it’s time to make an investment in you. Email me what your soul is longing to do and let’s chat about possibilities.  
Are you looking for a magical combination of coaching and community? This is an intimate opportunity for a group of six like-minded souls to be coached and mentored by me while also connecting with each other on the journey. Email me if this sparks your interest. 
Are you a progressive leader who wants to do the deep work of defining and developing the soul of your organization and the leadership culture required to make it happen? Are you committed to developing courageous and wholehearted leaders? This is the best of my business brain, coaching soul, and  Dare to LeadTM facilitation combined. Email me your vision and let’s talk.  
Need an inspiring speaker for your conference or corporate event? I’ve had the privilege of studying Improv Comedy and speaking in front of audiences of thousands in the corporate world. Email me and let’s talk about how the lessons of Soulbbatical and Rebel Leadership can transform your audience. 

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