Finding Freedom in Soul F.U.E.L. v20

Finding Freedom in Soul F.U.E.L. v20
Happy July, Soul Fam!
It’s Independence Day here in the States, and the fireworks are flying, but I want to celebrate a different kind of Freedom here. 
The Freedom to choose ourselves. To choose how and where we spend our precious time and energy. To choose disappointing others over disappointing ourselves. To choose, in any moment, to give ourselves the grace and permission to stop doing anything that doesn’t feel like a full body F*ck Yes, as my coach Abbey Gibb would say. (BTW, if you haven’t listened to her on the latest episode of Rebel Souls, tune in here for a mic drop a minute. Seriously.) 
Freedom is my highest value and yet I find myself standing in my own freaking way more often than I’d like to admit. Right now, I’m trying to do everything and, as a result, feeling trapped, overwhelmed, and tired. So, I’m taking this opportunity to practice choosing myself – out loud – and hopefully inspiring all of you to do the same. 
I’m giving myself permission to put this newsletter on ice (for now) so I can pour my heart and soul into serving you all more powerfully through the Rebel Souls podcast, SOULspiration on Wednesdays, and our new Soul Circle community launching later this summer. (Check out the “Experiencing” section below for more on becoming a Founding Member of Soul Circle!) It’s all free so please listen, connect, and share so we can liberate more souls! (And follow @soulbbatical on Instagram for the latest badassery.) 
And, on that note, let’s dive into more inspo for finding YOUR freedom this month and beyond, Soul Fam…
Finding Freedom in Soul F.U.E.L. v20



Freedom FROM habits no longer serving us (and who we’re becoming). Last week I celebrated 100 Days of Alcohol-Free living. Some of you may have seen the IG post where I finally turned one of my favorite coaching questions on myself and, as a result, called bullshit on my toxic habit of seeking love, connection, and belonging at the bottom of a bottle (or two) of wine. Pretty sure I still have a vulnerability hangover from that one – but I’ll take that over a booze hangover any day of the week!

This is not an advertisement for sobriety but, if it strikes a chord, I invite you to get curious. These three books helped me explore my relationship with alcohol and work through some insanely deep-seated beliefs about wine and my identity:
Quit Like a Woman by Holly Whitaker 
The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober by Catherine Gray
This Naked Mind by Annie Grace
Many of you have asked me to share more about my journey on the podcast so buckle up. It’s coming.
 In the meantime, ponder these heavy hitters in the context of your own life: 
What am I pretending not to know?
Which personal habits are moving me toward my vision/highest vibes and which ones are distracting me/lowering my vibration? 
What’s one tiny step I can take toward freedom? (Love BJ Fogg’s TEDx Talk on Tiny Habits for inspiration)
Finding Freedom in Soul F.U.E.L. v20



Freedom FROM the nasty self-talk that keeps us from love, acceptance, and growth. Poet Rupi Kaur has been on my bedside table ever since I discovered Milk and Honey. Her work speaks directly to my soul and feels so beautifully aligned with the Soulbbatical mission. 
Her latest collection called Home Body is keeping me company – and deeply connected to myself as I step into this next season of my life and work. If you can relate, here’s one of the many gems she shares:
“I dive into the well of my body
and end up in another world
everything I need 
already exists in me
there’s no need 
to look anywhere else”
Rupi Kaur, home
Finding Freedom in Soul F.U.E.L. v20



Freedom FROM feeling like you’re on this journey alone. By now, I hope you all know that we’re in this together. That I will forever be one of your biggest champions as you rewrite your own script of success. 
Aaaaaaand soon we can hang together more often. Yup, after blue balls-level teasing over the past year, we’re finally doing it! And by “it,” of course I mean launching our Soul Circle community later this summer. Cue the trumpets!
Think of the community as a sanctuary for your soul. A permission slip to slow down, take a deep breath, and focus on what matters most to you. A brave space where you’ll be inspired – by me, my badass team, and your fellow rebel souls – to rebel FOR who you are, what you want, and the impact you want to have in the world. We’ll be supporting your journey with a private group page and monthly exercises, challenges, bonus content from Rebel Souls pod guests, behind the scenes with me, RebelSwag giveaways, and yada yada yada (as our friends from Seinfeld would say). 
Shoot me a HELL YES here if you want to become a Founding Member of Soul Circle when it goes live – and while it’s still FREE. 
Finding Freedom in Soul F.U.E.L. v20



Freedom FROM expectations and any temptation to live life on someone else’s terms. I can’t use enough exclamation points and hyperbole to express how much I love All I Know So Far, the new P!nk documentary on Amazon Prime Video. She redefines music, performance, motherhood, leadership, femininity, strength, and so much more. I’ve loved her and her music for years – “I Am Here” is blasting in the background as I type – but this vulnerable, behind the scenes look at how she lives, and leads, is a masterclass in authenticity, courage, and purpose. She is a Soul Model, my friends. 
I’m here for each and every one of you. Shoot me an email and let me know what lit your soul on fire, what shifted your perspective for the weeks or months ahead, and/or how I can support you in any way. And, if you’ve read Soulbbatical or listened to Rebel Souls, I’d be so grateful for a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or your favorite pod platform.  Reviews are a vote of confidence that encourage kindred souls to make the leap!
And don’t be shy. If you love what you’re reading in this newsletter, please share it with friends, family, clients, and colleagues who need a little more Soul Fuel in their lives. I mean, in this day and age, don’t we all? 
Stay bold, brave and badass, my friends. I appreciate you all.

Finding Freedom in Soul F.U.E.L. v20
Finding Freedom in Soul F.U.E.L. v20
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